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The sundries of my life.

3 ways to turn “fraudulent” ecommerce orders into more revenue

If you sell online, then you know how difficult, and expensive, it is to get an order. From marketing to shipping, every point along the buyer’s journey is another cost your business incurs and another opportunity for a potential customer to drop off. So when your carefully crafted plan comes together, and your prospect becomes…

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Who are today’s post-traditional college students?

You may not be surprised by the fact that most students who are taking college classes now, especially online college courses, have not recently graduated from high school. However, what may surprise you is that adults who are enrolling in online college courses now are not only diverse in nature, but they also have unique…

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4 ways to recruit undergraduate students

In Fall 2016, overall postsecondary enrollments decreased 1.4 percent from the previous fall, according to the National Student Clearing House Research Center.  But why are many institutions seeing their undergraduate enrollment rates climbing during this period of overall declines? In fact, the top 10 universities with the most undergraduate students account for more than 436,000 enrollments, collectively. What are…

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Increasing your inquiry-to-enrollment rate

Your marketing campaigns are generating hundreds of new inquiries for your online programs, but none of these inquiries are turning into enrollments. What gives? This is a common issue that plagues many enrollment managers at higher education institutions all across the country. You spend time researching your market, understanding your prospective student and defining your…

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Finding new enrollments in old data

“Why didn’t this student enroll?” This can be a frustrating question for higher ed marketing and enrollment teams, one that often leads to finger pointing. Post-secondary marketing and enrollment offices are not natural adversaries. In fact, they are both working toward the same goal: finding and enrolling students who will achieve success at their school.…

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Understanding the international student to increase your enrollments

Now host to over 1 million students from all over the world, the U.S. has grown its international student enrollment for ten consecutive years, according to the Institute of International Education. In addition, institutions that have increased their international student enrollments report higher academic quality, a more diverse population, increased brand awareness, and greater revenues…

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